VYDER is a sword fighting arena game taking place in a grandiose science-fiction universe, developed on Unreal Engine 5.

VYDER is a sword fighting arena game designed for competitive gamers. Teams of sprightly characters fighting each others in epic arenas. Players will need to master a precise melee combat system and powerful abilities to climb up the top of the rankings.

You can explore our lore book, the encyclopedia of our universe. It provides all the information about the VYDER universe, as well as the first epic stories of its main characters. Start your journey here!

This is our first digital collectible, holding it will give you benefits, such as:

  • Play early versions of the game

  • Influence the game development

  • Impact the evolution of the VYDER universe

  • Get access to exclusive items

  • And more to come!

The Original Vanguards Pass will be released on April 26th 2023 for free (+gas price). For Original Vanguards only.

You can become an Original Vanguards by:

  • Getting chosen by the VYDER team: through an application, that you can only access if sponsored by an existing Original Vanguard

  • Pass challenges or quests successfully

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