The vyder

No one really knows how or why the Vyder appeared.

A humongous cubic structure.

Floating in space like the abandoned memory of a forgotten civilization. The remnant of an ancient world.

A witness of the past.

But after millions of years of silence, the Vyder is calling out again. At the same time, warp gates are opening all over the galaxy.

Who’s going to answer the call?

Explore the VYDER universe with our lore book.


The Eclerays are hyper-evolved plant beings from a lush planet called Oloma.

Thanks to the energy of their two stars and their photosynthesis abilities, they became the most enlightened beings in the universe.

Eclerays were the first species to cross a warp gate and reach the Nodus.

In this mega city, the crossroads of the Galaxy, they met other intelligent species for the first time.